We are constantly working on meaningful projects that are interesting and challenging. The products that emerge are effective, powerful and solve some of the most pressing problems in the most elegant manner.

Here are some which keep us busy:


aLine manages the flow of work, automates tasks, performs constant quality control, gathers metrics, and enforces a rigorous process. aLine takes care of code quality and brings predictability to the software. It remotely manages productivity and work flow of large workforces by putting objective measures on all roles in an organization. It makes the quality of the code measurable by putting a number on it, making things easier for organizations concerned about the robustness of their products.


MessageOne includes our Email Management System (EMS™) - a comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered solutions comprising comprehensive email archiving, storage management and e-Discovery with total continuity and recovery. Also, included is AlertFind - an automated, cloud based enterprise service capable of sending notifications to hundreds or thousands of employees via email, landline, mobile phone and SMS text message.


Config is a constraint satisfaction engine which is made use of to configure servers. Each component of a server has multiple attributes associated with it. With attributes come constraints. Config takes the constraints and interdependencies between the components into account to validate the feasibility of a system specified by user. It is an extremely customisable solution to an NP-Complete problem on which there are lots of patents, and has been applied to varying domains.