Search Smart.

SearchIQ gets the big picture. Its unique search engine technology delivers actionable intelligence about your site, your content, and most importantly, your audience.

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What Makes SearchIQ Unique?

(Besides being free)

Fully Customizable

Prioritize relevant content. Reorder search results.

Real-Time Indexing

See new content instantly.

Turbo-Charged Speed

Search results appear while typing.

Audience Insights

Get actionable data about your audience.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics deliver insights and useful information about your site’s more popular content, allowing you to discover:

  • Top searches
  • Most-clicked results
  • Top searches with no results
  • Most popular autocompleted queries


Search-as-you-type feature shows users exactly what they are looking for, instantly.

  • Highlights search terms in results
  • Toggle thumbnail
  • Result item directly links to the post page
  • Activate the plugin and it automatically attaches to the search box, no setup required

Responsive Search Results

SearchIQ automatically optimizes itself to give your audience a seamless cross-device experience.

  • Keep your audience engaged across all devices
  • Gather broader intelligence about your audience with data from tablet and mobile devices
  • No additional coding needed

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